'Vrixaa' refers to a tree. A tree has its roots to hold ground, stem to support, and leaves/ fruits to serve the society. Similarly, education is not a medium just for earning skills. It has its roots in the concepts of science and facts, and a stem in the person to hold them together for self and others. It must be gained to empower others. It must be empowered by minute steps towards accessibility. These are not just innovations, but, thresholds to better learning for students... or you can say, Open Learning. This page is dedicated to developments regarding applets/ simulations tools/ applications/ interactive elements to make learning easier for students.
And yes...all created here, indigenously, at Tezpur University.

  • Easy Applets: Easy Applets are interactive embedded spreadsheets for better learning. Spreadsheets are one of the most popular, and widely used applications. No specialized skill is required for operating them, which make them superior in terms of understanding a concept. Click here to explore.
  • Scholars' Tabs: an Android application
    • Status: beta version in development
    • Target Users: PhD Scholars and Researchers