Sponsored Projects

  1. Title: India - Assam - Sustainable Rural Community Development
  2. Funding Agency: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Incorporated (“IEEE”)
    Role: Co-PI
    Duration: 18 months
    Approved Funds: 59470 USD

  3. Title: Exploring Knowledge on Medieval Assam: Multidisciplinary IKS Centre at Tezpur University
    Funding Agency: Indian Traditional Knowledge Systems, Division of Ministry of Education (MoE)
    Role: PI
  4. Type: Established as a Centre under CMDR, Tezpur University with a team of 10 Co-PIs
    Duration: 2022-2024
    Approved Funds: 30.84 Lakhs INR
  5. Title: Development of a Real Time Crop  Advisory System Exploiting  Nanotechnology based Nitrogen Sensor  with Internet of Farming (IoF) Framework
    Funding Agency: DBT, MHRD, Govt. of India
    Role: Co-PI
    Duration: 2020-2022
    Approved Funds: 46.15 Lakhs INR
  6. Title: Nanocavity-in-Body Tunnel Field Effect Transistor Architectures for Low Power Sensing Applications
    Funding Agency: Start-up Research Grant by SERB, GoI
    Duration: 2019-2021
    Role: PI
    Approved Funds: 10.38 Lakhs INR
  7. Title: Gate-On-Source/Channel TFETs for Label-Free Biosensing: experiment and simulation
    Funding Agency: TEQIP under TEQIP Collaborative Research Scheme
    Duration: 2019-2020
    Role: Co-PI
    Approved Funds: 15.60 Lakhs INR
  8. Title: Carbon nanomaterials for chemical sensing applications (ID: 1394)
    Funding Agency: SPARC, MHRD, Govt. of India
    Role: Co-PI
    Duration: 2019-2021
    Approved: 46 Lakhs INR