Society & Technology

  • Guwahatian- an international e-magazine from Guwahati: This non-profit online magazine is an attempt to bring young and old together to publish their creative pieces online. All submissions are free and all issues are free to read and print. The site does not support any advertisement to ensure better readability. It is funded by the President and Secretary of the magazine. In its 6-th year, this site has seen tremendous interests from novice, irregular writers, willing to showcase their one creation of their life. This place does not need a writer's profile to get published; it needs a good thought. The Editorial Board at Guwahatian makes it sure to make the articles and write-ups presentable, thus boosting the young writer/photographer/artist's confidence. And guess what? The articles are published alongside some of the regular and top-notch authors and artistes from across the globe. An initiative to promote goodness and creativity. The link is:

  • Android Application in Assamese: An initiative has been taken up, sponsored by Guwahatian- an international magazine from Guwahati, to make an open and ad-free Android application for the elderly with an objective to patronize local languages in technology. Launched in July, 2019, Ashish has Assamese as its primary language and can act as a quick communication application for the old. The link is: