Important Links

  1. Explore a wide range of tools and resources for semiconductor devices and circuit simulations, all for free. Login with a free account and get access to interesting online interactive tools and learn new programming for devices. The best thing is: you do not need to worry about a license!
  2. Virtual Labs: Virtual Labs is an initiative by premiere institutes in India to host a free virtual experience of laboratory-like interactive sessions. Explore the different experiments for different courses.
  3. Coursera: Explore wide varieties of courses with exercises.
  4. MIT App Inventor: Build your own Android applications without any programming. Create new applications and contribute to the society.
  5. Arduino: One of the most popular and low cost open source hardware, Arduino helps you to build new machines and deploy creative engineering ideas including IoT.
  6. Sim8085: Free online simulator for 8085 programs with an interactive memory space and register arrays.
  7. Tezpur University Webmail Mirror Application
    • For Android users only.
    • View in landscape (switch on auto-rotate) mode.
    • Grant permissions to install the .apk file on your mobile phone. You can click on the file after download. For some phones, the installation prompt appears automatically.
    • If you want to download email attachments, you may have to grant permission for 'Storage'-related issues. You can find this in the Settings of your mobile phone.